Nancy Goldstein is amazing.

Michael Ratner, President, Center for Constitutional Rights

Nancy knocked us out with the campaign she designed for Provide’s rollout of our new abortion referral initiative, which included scripting and completing this 75-second video before the deadline and under budget. It’s turned out to be a great fundraising and marketing tool since everyone loves it, from the workshop participants to our Board, donors, and staff. She’s creative, fun, and a terrific project manager–someone who really knows about to get things done.

Wyndi Anderson, Senior Director of Programs, Provide

Nancy did a great job producing some case studies on very short notice for the Population Council. She quickly captured the concept, content, messaging, and tone of the studies we wanted to produce. She asked thoughtful questions and got help when needed, and took initiative and responsibility to finish the pieces. She was good-natured, thorough, diligent, and good humored working with us. We would certainly collaborate with her again.

Andrea Eschen, Director of Development, The Population Council

Working with Nancy has been a pleasure. She’s smart, fast, well-organized, fun, and enjoys good relations with every member of the staff. Most recently Nancy worked with NLADA’s senior management team to secure one of our organization’s biggest grants.

Deborah Dubois, Vice President of Development, National Legal Aid & Defender Association

I’ve been fortunate to work with Nancy Goldstein in three different nonprofit settings. To this day, when I need something to be written in a compelling or persuasive or intriguing or concise way, I call upon Nancy for assistance. She is above all, a good listener, which enables her to take your good ideas and turn them into better ideas. She is an unfailingly reliable, personable and talented communicator.

Janice Goldfarb, Managing Director of Development at City Year NYC

Nancy has an uncanny ability to understand a program’s needs and communicate them in a way that compels donors to fund the program. It was always a delight to work with Nancy while we were both at The Partnership for the Homeless as I knew she would always get it. She’s one smart cookie.

Myung Lee, Deputy Commissioner, Division of Child Care & Head Start, Administration for Children’s Services

Nancy’s expertise regarding our report on Women Living with HIV and AIDS in New York, combined with assistance provided by her contacts in the worlds of public health, HIV, and human rights, helped us produce a compelling document for use by the public, other invested organizations, and legislators alike. And her strategy for releasing the report brought us weeks of coverage and requests from local and national media venues. She treated our small grassroots organization like a major player at all times.

Rona Taylor, Board President, Women’s HIV Collaborative of NY

Nancy did such terrific media relations work for the Harm Reduction Coalition around a major United Nations drug policy meeting in Vienna in spring of 2009 that we brought her back again in 2011. She organized media at a conference where a lot of voices were vying to be heard, got us great press, was incredibly helpful with framing, talking points, and content strategy, introduced us to the world of alternative media and to new journalists who continue to be engaged with our issues, and was fun to work with besides.

Allan Clear, Executive Director, Harm Reduction Coalition

Nancy is a highly motivated, organized and gifted individual. She did amazing development and communications work when we were colleagues at National Advocates for Pregnant Women, broadening its media contacts while doubling its funders. She is an excellent writer, a poised public speaker and a passionate advocate.

Tiloma Jayasinghe, Executive Director, Sakhi for South Asian Women

Nancy is a Communications Rock Star!  Few people have the skills to effectively work with bloggers, mainstream journalists and nonprofit employees alike, let alone getting all of these people in a room working together.  Whenever Nancy is involved in a project, I make sure to get involved and spread the word to other bloggers as well, because I know there’s no doubt that it will be fantastic.

Jessica Valenti, feminist author and founder of Feministing.com

The funding request Nancy wrote for us is terrific. Wonderful to see what an intelligent writer, who knows the field, can do.

Marion Lipschutz & Rose Rosenblatt, Incite Pictures

Nancy Goldstein is an absolute jewel to work with. She’s not only spectacularly intelligent but also results oriented and impeccably attuned to how best to use communications and media to ensure that the right message gets to the right audience. I had the pleasure of working with Nancy as a member of the media while she was the Director of Communications & Development at National Advocates for Pregnant Women and I was the Managing Editor at RH Reality Check. Nancy seemed to have an intuitive sense about which stories and which angles would resonate best on our site, and she never failed to keep me updated on what NAPW was working on or what they accomplished. I am proud to recommend her!

Amie Newman

Nancy is the best at creating and maintaining relationships. She always has an eye out for innovative practices, including reaching out to the feminist blogosphere long before that became even close to standard practice.

Amanda Marcotte blogs at Slate, Pandagon and Reproductive Health Reality Check

I wish everyone who worked with media were exactly like Nancy. She’s amazingly friendly, great at tailoring communications to your needs, and very, very generous about connecting people. Her amicable approach can break through a flood of standard-issue dull press releases to a real connection, and she always, always follows up. She is a writer’s dream.

Tedra Osell, Founder and Blogger, Bitch Ph.D.

Nancy is generous and knowledgeable, demonstrating her prowess in blogger outreach by achieving results. She volunteered her services to a campaign for which I was managing communications. Nancy was instrumental in our outreach to the national blogosphere, helping us achieve the prominence necessary to our success. Additionally, she was a pleasure to work with — a rare combination of straight talk and charm.

Chris Cassidy

As a writer I depend on organizations to keep me informed. If I had to write a description of the ideal contact person at an organization, it would be based on Nancy Goldstein and my experience with her while she was Director of Communications & Development at National Advocates for Pregnant Women. Nancy was my contact for research and information, and her knowledge of the issues and attention to detail blew me away. I found her a passionate advocate for the mission of NAPW and a tremendous resource as I sought to get up to speed on the issues. Later, I was selected to cover the NAPW conference in Atlanta on my blog. Nancy provided a wealth of information about the conference, insured that I would have access to key attendees for interviews and even helped set up follow-up interviews after the conference concluded.

Pamela Merritt is a regular contributor to Feministing, Reproductive Health Reality Check, and National Public Radio, and the founder of the much-lauded Angry Black Bitch blog